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All the latest news, stories and feel-good dog content from Team Jai ใจ

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12 Days of Jai: Feelgood gifting this Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and spending time with your nearest and dearest. But it’s also a time to remember those most in need, and with less than ourselves. With 85 dogs living and spreading cheer on “The Farm” year round, it’s our duty to maintain their happy, carefree disposition. Although our Farm residents […]

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Touchdown in Thailand

After a long few years of life being firmly on pause, the UK-based contingent of Jai Dog Rescue headed out to The Farm earlier this month and brought our wonderful supporters along for the journey.   In case you missed the adventures, here’s the lowdown on what we got up to: from CNVR clinic days […]

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Jai ambassadors & partners

We might be a small charity, but we’ve got a pretty big ambition: to transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand.  No matter how disadvantaged their start in life, we’re dedicated to a future in which every dog can experience health and happiness. We work tirelessly through seasons of stifling heat and torrential monsoons, […]

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March is an important month for us here at Jai, with not but two very special anniversaries coming up: not only is it 1 year since we became Jai Dog Rescue but the charity also turns 5 this month! After what’s been a challenging few years for non-profits around the world, we feel incredibly grateful […]

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Jai Dog Rescue is proud to have teamed up with world-renowned animal charity Battersea in an ambitious 5 year project to transform the lives of street dogs here in Thailand. Through this groundbreaking partnership, our two charities are aiming to neuter and vaccinate over 70,000 stray dogs over a period of 5 years, protecting these animals from […]

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Welcome to Jai Dog Lonely Hearts: unquestionably the cutest line-up of dating profiles you’ll see this Valentine’s Day. The only question is: will you swipe right?  Meaning “heart”, the word Jai ใจ is used throughout Thai culture and can be found in words such as brave, resilient, kind, and strong: all the characteristics that we […]

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Painting a brighter future for dogs in need

Our pets mean so much to us: a Pennie’s Pet Portraits celebrate that unique bond, all whilst giving back to a dog in need. That’s why we’re so incredibly grateful to Pennie and her talents, for supporting our work on the ground in Thailand with her work here in the UK!

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Welcoming a rescue dog into your home

Now that you’ve decided to adopt, you’ll likely be wondering what the next few months have in store: how long will it take my dog to settle in, and what can I do to support their transition from street > shelter > sofa? 

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Treat your dog, feed a stray

Marleybones & Jai Dog Rescue have one crucial thing in common: we love dogs. Yours, ours, and – most importantly – those without a home of their own. That’s why they’re donating £20 for every new new sign up: you even get 50% off!

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Inside our CNVR clinics

CNVR is a phrase we use a lot around here. After all, CNVR clinics are the only proven, sustainable and humane method of reducing Thailand’s stray dog problem. But what exactly does it mean?  CNVR stands for the four stages of our clinics: Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release, and it’s one of the most important aspects of […]

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Navigating fireworks season with your dog

It’s the night that so many dog lovers loathe, and for good reason: studies show that 45% of dogs display some kind of fear or distress come fireworks night. So, how can we protect our furry firecrackers from the festivities? 

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Jai Dogs: Rescued

While all Jai Dogs have a distinct story to tell, there are often those who have overcome some truly staggering obstacles: abandoned at our gates, entire limbs sliced off or knocked down by a car and left to die. Our Jai Dogs: Rescued fund is there for dogs like them.

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100% of the donation, 100% of the impact

Did you know that 100% of the donations you make go directly towards our work on the ground? No salaries, no overheads, no hidden costs, just 100% of your donation going straight to where it matters most: helping rescue street dogs in need.

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What is JAI ใจ

We’re a non-profit working to transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand, through rescue & rehabilitation, sterilisations & vaccinations, shelter & adoptions. But what exactly is Jai Dog Rescue, and what does it mean?

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