Our Work

Our programmes work together to help street dogs

Our main focus is spay and neuter, known as CNVR – catch, neuter, vaccinate, release – which we perform at our clinic on the Farm and via mobile teams spread out in the local area. We also engage is rescue & rehabilitation, shelter & rehoming, education and community outreach (Jai Aid).


Population control (CNVR)

There are estimated to be around eight million dogs living in Thailand, many of which are stray or ‘street’ dogs. A typical un-neutered female and her offspring can produce thousands of puppies many of which won’t survive disease, traffic accidents or starvation before reaching six months.

Rescue and Rehabilitation

From puppies dumped at the Farm gates to dogs with serious injuries or diseases we never turn away a dog in need. We currently receive over 30 emergency rescue cases per month and the number is rising.

Jai Aid

In Thailand a community of monks, local rescuers, village elders and ‘aunties’ work tirelessly with limited resources to look after stray and community dogs.  
Jai Aid provides food, medicine and basic veterinary help to dogs in their care, we also build kennels and shelters for them….sometimes vehicles for food distribution too! 

Local Rehoming

Some of the dogs we rescue are suitable for a loving new home, we try to find as many as possible.

We’re so grateful to anyone who considers adopting a Jai dog, are you interested?  

Education and 
Community Outreach

Influencing hearts and minds is an important part of what we do. Our programme educates locals on basic animal welfare, first aid and disease prevention and how life can be improved long term for dogs and humans alike. 
We also go into local schools to teach kids about our important work and how they can be better guardians of street dogs in their communities.  

Ministry of Sound and Battersea

Did you know we are the only dog charity to have been founded by a nightclub? The legendary Ministry of Sound in London.

We’re also proud to have teamed up with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to spay and neuter 80% of the dog population of Nakhon Nayok, the province in which the Farm is based.

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