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Our Story

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We may be a small charity, but we are a voice for hundreds of thousands of dogs here in Thailand. In the short time we’ve been operating, we’re proud to have rewritten the story for countless strays, taking them from the most tragic beginnings and setting them on the path to a healthy, happy future.

Thanks to your support, we’re working hard to create thousands more ‘happily ever afters’ for those strays who are still waiting for our help. With your help, we can change their story forever.

Read on to learn more about our roots, our beginnings, and the journey we’ve been on since we first started out >>

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In the breath-taking foothills of Khao Yai National Park, an area famed for its temples, waterfalls and elephants, lies a plot of land called The Bon Jardin Farm: an oasis of mango groves, lush rice paddies and bamboo forests. Bought by our wonderful trustee, Pim, she named it ‘Bon Jardin’ after her beloved dog Bonnie, a tribute to dogs that would prove to be truly meaningful in more ways than one. But it soon became lovingly known as “The Farm”.

Before the crops even began to sprout, a curious local street dog wondered over to investigate the new activity. Pim named him Paman, and welcomed him onto her land. As the first mangoes started to ripen, one stray had become ten. And by the time the earliest crops were ready to harvest, dozens of street dogs had made themselves at home amongst the lush greenery of The Farm, happy to have found a safe place to rest, eat and shelter from the blazing heat.

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Pim’s farm was reborn as a dog sanctuary, and Jai Dog Rescue (Bon Jardin Dog Rescue, then) took its first steps. With our roots firmly planted in Thailand, Pim knew the charity would need to do more to raise awareness of the stray dog problem on the ground. After all, the dogs that had made themselves at home on The Farm were just the lucky few: thousands of dogs still roamed the streets in this area alone, all of whom were struggling to survive with every passing day.

Fortunately, she knew there was someone in the UK who’d be eager to help. Before Bon Jardin, Pim had moved to London to learn English, where she met James. Within minutes of first meeting, the pair bonded over their shared love of animals and were soon exchanging stories of their beloved dogs. When James heard about The Farm, and the incredible venture Pim was establishing, he was determined to lend his support: a conviction that was solidified when he visited Thailand and saw for himself both the problem and the opportunity to help.

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Throughout these early months, James was in the process of setting up a nightclub, Ministry of Sound. As with many new businesses, nightclubs in particular, the first few years were hard, but Pim’s calm support based on the teachings of Buddha helped James through the late nights and constant worry.

As Ministry of Sound became known worldwide, Pim bought further plots of land in Nakhon Nayok to expand the dog sanctuary, building houses and vital infrastructure. It became clear to both Pim and James that they had a real opportunity to help make a real, lasting impact: and so the charity was formally established, and plans put in place to take their rescue work to the next level.

Meanwhile back in London, Mike (pictured here) was working in the Ministry of Sound IT department and also as a part-time DJ. He loved animals, but his life took a new turn on a DJing trip to Koh Phangan in 2015.

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จากดีเจสู่การเป็นอาสากูภ้ ยั สุนัข


Early one morning after an all-night set, Mike was walking on the beach when he met Suzie, and instantly fell in love. Poor Suzie had lost one eye in a dog fight and had cataracts in the other. She was weak and hungry; she would never survive blind on the beach. Mike brought her home to live with him in London.

Upon hearing this story, Pim and James knew that Mike was the perfect person to help drive the charity forward. Inspired by their shared experience with Thai street dogs, James, Pim and Mike wanted to do something to make a difference. After all, there were already dogs being cared for on the farm; could they build on their experience to create a base from which to operate a wide-reaching mission? As well as a sanctuary for stray and injured dogs, they envisaged life-saving rescue campaigns, feeding routes and vaccination programmes, and sterilisation clinics across the country.

Mike packed his bags, gave up life in London, and moved to Thailand. Jai Dog Rescue was unleashed.

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พวกเรากา้ วหนา้ ไปไกลมาก


The first two years were spent setting up the charity; hiring staff, building kennels, understanding local customs, reaching out to government officials, learning about the dog population, sterilisation & vaccination, and establishing relationships with the Temples around which so much of life in Thailand revolves. And in just a few short years, we’ve come a long way…

We have now successfully sterilised over 3,000 dogs, rescuing and rehoming hundreds more. What’s more, our shelter has gone from strength to strength as we’ve built and developed world-class facilities. From our dedicated dog play park, to our on-site quarantine and clinic, we’re committed to providing sanctuary for Thailand’s strays in the best way we possibly can.

The Jai Dog Rescue you see today has been on an incredible journey. From that early idea inspired by true compassion (and Paman of course!), through the years of determination in the face of a growing and harrowing problem, to the charity you see today: we’re proud of how far we’ve come.

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Our work is far from over. Hundreds of thousands of strays are suffering daily from the reality of life on the streets: fights, malnutrition, disease, accidents and abuse. Millions more will be born into this heart-breaking life cycle in just a few short months. Most of them won’t live to tell their tale.

We have made a promise to the street dogs of Thailand: they can rely on us. We are utterly determined to stand the test of time, and remain committed to our mission to transform lives until this problem is solved.

With the help of our supporters, we’re working hard to do more, be better, make a bigger difference. Our story is only just beginning but we’ll do whatever it takes to bring about a happy ending for the strays who are relying on our help.

Will you join us?

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มาทาํ การสาํ รวจฟาร์ม

Explore The Farm

So much more than a stray dog shelter, we are immensely proud of the safe-haven we have created here in the heart of Thailand.

We invite you to take a look around the sanctuary we affectionately refer to as: The Farm.

Meet the Jai Dogs

There are over 80 dogs who call The Farm home. Some are with us for only a few months while they wait to find their forever adoptive home. Others live with us here forever, safe in the knowledge that they’ll always be a part of the Jai Dog family. Your support makes that possible.

Meet the Jai Dogs

There are over 80 dogs who call The Farm home. Some are with us for only a few months while they wait to find their forever adoptive home. Others live with us here forever, safe in the knowledge that they’ll always be a part of the Jai Dog family. Your support makes that possible.