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100% of your donation is spent on what matters most: transforming lives of dogs in need


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The Farm

Nestled within the verdant foothills of Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park, is a hidden gem. So much more than just a dog rescue shelter, The Farm is a sanctuary of calm and a source of hope for every street dog in need. Welcome to Jai Dog Rescue.

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Jai Dog Rescue’s Unsung Heroes campaign has been created to provide support for those who dedicate their lives to Thailand’s street dogs. There are millions of stray dogs in rural Thailand; many rely solely on the generosity of incredible local feeders and rescuers who work tirelessly to help the helpless.

We think these unsung heroes deserve recognition and support for their selfless actions.

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Sponsor a JAI DOG

We think that all dogs should have the chance to know lifelong safety and love, no matter how much hardship they’ve been through.

Sponsorship makes that possible. Give our dogs the gift of a lifetime.

Adopt a JAI DOG

When you adopt a Jai Dog, you don’t just save their life, you complete it.

Adopting a rescue dog from overseas is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, and it all starts here. Take the first step towards saving a life and meet the dogs currently looking for a home.

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Jai Dog Rescue is committed to transforming the lives of street dogs in Thailand. Through our rescue and rehabilitation work, our sterilisation and vaccination campaigns, our international adoption service and world-class shelter, and local community outreach projects, we’re working tirelessly to break the cycle of stray dog suffering.

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Every stray has its day

There are millions of dogs on the streets of Thailand, and it’s a number that’s growing with every passing day.

We believe that every single one of Thailand’s strays should have their day. We’re working hard to combat the rising tide of suffering, starvation and disease: because dog’s deserve better.

Will you join us on our mission to transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand? Pledge your support today.

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Who we are

Here at Jai Dog Rescue, we live and breathe our mission and are passionate about dog rescue and stray welfare, particularly on the streets of Thailand.

No matter how disadvantaged their start in life, we’re dedicated to a future in which every dog can experience health and happiness.

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Over a million stray puppies are born each year, but their chances of survival are tragically slim. Only 80% of street dogs ever live past adolescence, with millions falling victim to disease, starvation, neglect and abuse.

With your help, we can prevent thousands more puppies from being born into a life of hardship, and provide a better quality of life to those unlucky enough to be born with the odds of survival stacked against them.

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การทกั ทายจากใจ


We’re incredibly proud to share the news that Jai Dog Rescue has teamed up with world-renowned animal charity Battersea in an ambitious 5 year project to transform the lives of street dogs here in Thailand.

Through this groundbreaking partnership, our two charities are aiming to neuter and vaccinate over 70,000 stray dogs over a period of 5 years, protecting these animals from disease and improving their life expectancy. The project seeks to reach those in greatest need, creating a life for stray dogs that allows them to experience a safe, stable, and pain-free existence whilst living harmoniously alongside the Thai community.

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