Once upon a time
a street dog wandered onto a farm in Thailand

The Farm was in an area of great beauty famed for its temples, waterfalls and elephants and belonged to a local called Pim.  
The dog, who Pim named Paman, was soon joined by others seeking food and shelter amongst the Farm’s lush greenery and mango fields.  

From Thailand to London

Meanwhile Pim moved to London where she met James, the co-founder of Ministry of Sound.
They became friends over their shared love of dogs and began to expand the Farm building houses and infrastructure such as solar panels and reservoirs.

to Thailand

A few years later Mike, who worked with James at Ministry of Sound, travelled to Koh Phangan on a DJ trip.  
On a beach he met Suzie who was blind, weak and hungry, it was clear she wouldn’t survive.  
Mike’s heart went out to her, he brought her home to live with him in London.  

And back again

Suzie changed Mike’s life, in 2017 he moved to the Farm and Jai was formally established.
He hired staff, built kennels and a clinic, started the CNVR programme, learnt Thai and visited local officials and Temples.
We’ve come a long way and now employ 30 vets, vet nurses and other staff, and have ambitious plans to help thousands of dogs over the coming years.

The Farm

The Farm is central to our story
A concrete kennel run or fields and
bamboo forests in which to roam, play or
find their favourite spot in the shade?

We know which our dogs prefer!
For those suffering long-term effects of
injury or abuse the Farm is their sanctuary
and forever home.

The day starts…

…with a walk, a chance to stretch their legs, let off steam and have a sniff with ‘collar and lead’ practice for younger animals.
We also take our disabled residents out for a spin in their wheelchairs, the first of their twice daily walks.

and ends…

…with play time in our custom-built park featuring sandpits, tyres, A-frames and tunnels.
Enrichment and stimulation is key to keeping our dogs happy and healthy and teaches good social habits.

A relaxed dog
is a happy dog

We give every dog the consistency and comfort of a well-rounded daily routine with scheduled mealtimes and weekly rituals such as ‘shower day’.
The shelter team live on site and are available to deal with any problems arising and interact with dogs.
Regular attention and training also gives our adoptable dogs the best possible start in their future homes.

If you’d like to visit
the Farm please
contact us

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