How CNVR works

CNVR is the only humane and impactful way to stop this cycle of breeding and the short, painful lives which can ensue.   
By the end of 2026, we will have sterilised over 70,000 dogs.

Check our our Capture, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release clinic team in action…


Our teams are trained to catch dogs by hand without causing harm or stress, sometimes with the help of locals who know them.  
With nervous or aggressive dogs we use nets or anaesthetization darts.  
Captured dogs are brought to our facility on the Farm or mobile clinics set up at temples or local community centres.  


At the Farm clinic here we sterilise around thirty dogs per day, our air-conditioned clinic provides a cool and calm space for both vets and dogs.  
The clinic works seamlessly with separate rooms for triage, treatment and recovery. Our vets make very small surgical incisions which reduce the risk of post-operative complications.  
We work to the highest international standards, for example we install an IV catheter pre-surgery and use fluids to help maintain blood pressure during surgery. We also administer Lidocaine for pain relief. With no complications a female can be neutered in forty minutes, a male in fifteen.


Each dog receives a combined vaccine to combat disease and aid a healthy life once released back onto the street.  
We also give flea and tick treatments and other immediate care which may be needed.  


Dogs receive an ear tattoo to show they have been sterilised.  
We rely on community members to help us monitor dogs’ recovery and on-going health, then can quickly step in again if necessary.  
Before starting work in a new district we carry out a baseline dog population survey with an annual follow up to establish the effectiveness of the programme.   

Mobile clinic

A mobile team consists of two vets, three vet nurses, two rescuers and a clinic manager.  
Our setup consists of anaesthetic machines, ap-alert monitors, laryngoscope, operating tables, oxygen tanks, surgical spay kits, lamps, dressings, sterilising equipment and secure cages in which to keep dogs pre and post-surgery. We also have two customised trucks for transporting dogs to and from mobile clinic locations. 
A mobile team can sterilise up to thirty dogs per day.

And it all costs…

… around £54,000 to set up a mobile team including training, equipment and sundry items such as staff uniforms.  
Vets receive intense two weeks training with WVS in Chiang Mai, then a further 2 months onsite training here with us. Vet nurses and dog catchers shadow existing team members to learn capture techniques, pre-surgery preparation and monitoring and aftercare techniques.  
The monthly operating cost of a CNVR team is around £8-10,000, including salaries, drugs, medical kit, fuel and ongoing maintenance. 

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Our partnership
with Battersea

We’re proud to have teamed up with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to spay and neuter 80% of the dog population of Nakhon Nayok, the province in which the Farm is based.

This will be around 70,000 animals and once completed will transform the lives of street dogs in the province while reducing dog related problems for humans.

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Are you ready to give a Thai Street Dog the gift of a lifetime? Make a donation today to help us help stray dogs in need.