Jai’s ten rules

We want Jai to last forever and help hundreds of thousands of dogs. To achieve this we’ve created a set of rules to live by. These are for us, but also others who will follow.

These also ensure donors get maximum value for their money and that we run the charity to the highest possible standards.

1. We never exceed a
spend of £100* per dog

This is calculated by dividing Jai’s total income per year by the number of dogs helped.  
By ‘helped’ we mean CNVR, rescue, rehoming, basic treatments and food aid.  
We don’t mean education programmes or anything which can’t be attributed to a dog.  
We also don’t double count – e.g. if we spay and neuter and rescue a dog, that counts as one.

2. We keep total staff costs below 40% of total income  

With staff costs including all taxes and pensions.

3. We maintain a 90/10 percentage of front line to support staff

By front line we mean all staff directly involved with dogs on a daily basis.  
By support staff we mean all marketing, administration and support functions. 

4. We exclude capital costs from the cost per dog metric

These are defined as costs for kennelling, building works, transport and medical equipment.  
Capital costs are amortised over several years with reasons for incurring them published. 

5. We expect the highest standards of work which we constantly strive to improve

Our spend per dog metric doesn’t come at the expense of lower standards. 
We also expect the highest standards of personal behaviour from all our staff.  

6. We believe in rescue and return

Once nursed back to health dogs are happiest being returned to familiar surroundings.   
An ever-growing population on the Farm also detracts from our core CNVR mission.  

7. We prefer to rehome dogs in Thailand

This saves effort and cost and the problems which can arise with international adoptions. 

8. We want all our staff to be stimulated, fulfilled and grow professionally

This involves training and career progression plans for everyone, including travel.  
To prevent CNVR burn out we set realistic targets and mix in rescue duties.  
We have a flat structure, listen to everyone’s ideas and communicate constantly. 

9. We will be disciplined
 as we grow

This means maintaining our core CNVR mission and not allowing rescue or any other activity to detract from this.  
It also means rigorously adhering to the metrics we’ve set in 1-3 above and not allowing time or anything else to loosen our financial discipline.

10. We will never lose our entrepreneurial spirit

Founded by Ministry of Sound we do things differently, fast, with colour, style and character.

We also prefer a positive message to dispiriting images and seek to attract donors and supporters who share our beliefs and values. 

* Adjusted for inflation

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