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100% of your donation is spent on what matters most: transforming lives of dogs in need

Jai Aid

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Jai Dog Rescue works closely with local carers across our province, providing support for thousands of street dogs. We created Jai Aid to help these compassionate members of our community. 

We provide urgent specialist treatment for sick or injured animals, purchase vital medication (including tick, flea and worm treatments), sterilise and vaccinate all new arrivals, and have even built shelters and accommodation for dogs and rescuers.

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Our Unsung Heroes campaigns supports those who dedicate their lives to Thailand’s street dogs. Across rural Thailand there are many individual local carers who have created makeshift shelters where they feed and support local stray dogs. 

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We believe education is fundamental to improving the lives of street dogs. We never preach and always seek to deliver information about animal welfare in a compassionate and engaging manner as we carry out our work. 

We help local rescuers recognise early signs of disease, encouraging intervention to reduce suffering and further transmission. We also promote sterilisation and vaccination as a means of prevention. 

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With your support, we change the lives of countless dogs

With your support, we can change the lives of countless dogs 

Your donation goes a long way and helps us feed the many dogs who would otherwise go hungry. Whatever you can spare will make a big difference, not just to the dogs, but to the communities impacted by their growing numbers.