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February 14, 2022

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Welcome to Jai Dog Lonely Hearts: unquestionably the cutest line-up of dating profiles you’ll see this Valentine’s Day. The only question is: will you swipe right? 

Meaning “heart”, the word Jai ใจ is used throughout Thai culture and can be found in words such as brave, resilient, kind, and strong: all the characteristics that we admire so much in the street dogs we meet every day. Street dogs like our line-up of Lonely Hearts… 

  • Meet our Jai Dog Lonely Hearts 
  • Text LONELYHEARTS to 70460 to show them a little love this Valentine’s Day (texts cost £5 per month, UK networks only)




This stunning single lady would like to meet an adventurous companion for long walks on the beach, bonus points if you frisbee on the first date.  

Honey was one of our Christmas pups, dumped into a box and left at the shelter gates at only a few months old. Not only was she abandoned, but she also developed Parvovirus a few weeks after she was rescued. Fortunately, we spotted the signs early which allowed us to immediately begin treatment and, alongside her sister Winnie, she was nursed painstakingly back to health. 

It was a touch and go whether she’d survive, but Honey is a fighter. She’s now looking for a long-distance companion to sponsor her ongoing care here on The Farm. 



Handsome young male seeking a fellow big-eared companion who shares his love of climbing trees! 

Just like Honey, Maverick too was an abandoned puppy before he came to live on The Farm. When we were alerted to a litter of pups seeking refuge at a local shelter, we knew their chances of survival were bleak: temples are ‘hotspots’ for street dogs, as the monks are kind and often leave out food, while water and shelter from extreme weather is readily available. As such, the temples attract huge numbers of street dogs and so rivalry and competition is fierce: certainly no place for a young pup like Maverick. 

Thankfully, Maverick is now safe in the care of The Farm. For his first Valentine’s Day, we’d love to find Maverick a generous sponsor. 



Tall, dark, and handsome bachelor seeking an active companion who’s not afraid to get their paws wet! 

Jack was only a youngster when he joined us on The Farm, spared from a life of hardship and hunger on the streets. While we now couldn’t imagine life without him, don’t let his charm and handsome good looks fool you: you’ll regularly find Jack splashing around in The Farm’s lagoon like the big kid he still us! 

If you too love having fun and being a bit silly, you could be Jack’s perfect Valentine! 



Small but sassy brunette would like to meet an affectionate companion for cuddles, who will make Mary the centre of their world. 

When we first met Mary, she seemed like a perfectly normal puppy (not to mention totally gorgeous!) So many rescue cases arrive on The Farm with obvious injuries or symptoms, but not Mary: the only thing wrong was the cruel hand she’d been dealt, being born onto the streets of Thailand. Or so we thought… 

After a few days, it became clear that Mary was very unwell. A lack of appetite quickly escalated into vomiting and diarrhoea, both of which are sure-fire signs of the dreaded Parvovirus: a nasty and unforgiving disease that all too often kills its victims, and quickly. 

Thankfully, after a nerve-wracking wait, Mary’s test came back negative, and she soon started to look and feel more like herself. But her dangerous fling with Parvo has left Mary wanting to make up for lost time: we’d love to find her a generous sponsor to help fund her adventures! 



The quintessential Jai Dog, Jaidee is looking for a fellow foodie with enough energy to keep up with her keen athleticism!  

Jaidee was rescued from a busy construction site where several other dogs had recently been knocked down and killed by the influx of traffic around the site. Thankfully, she has already experienced a lot of love in her life, having been saved from the busy construction site and brought to us, here on The Farm, by some dog-loving locals. 

Jaidee would love to pass the love on this Valentine’s Day, by becoming your special someone. 



  1. Meet our Jai Dog Lonely Hearts and fall in love
  2. Text LONELYHEARTS to 70460 to give the gift of love (texts cost £5 per month, UK networks only)
  3. Enjoy the happiest of Valentine’s knowing you’ve shown a little love and kindness to a dog in need: khawp khun ka!!
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