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A hidden gem

So much more than a stray dog shelter, we are immensely proud of the safe-haven we have created here in the heart of Thailand.

Jai Dog Rescue is located on the outskirts of the central province of Nakhon Nayok. Nestled in the beautiful foothills of Khao Yai National Park, our shelter sits within the lush fields of a working farm producing mango, rice and santon crops. We are blessed to have such stunning natural surroundings, allowing our rescue dogs a unique amount of freedom.

We invite you to take a look around the sanctuary we affectionately refer to as: The Farm.

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Designed with harmony in mind

The vast expanse of The Farm ensures that all our dogs have ample space to coexist in harmony. The space has been carefully designed not only to keep our dogs secure, but to allow for safe and sociable interactions.

We have a nuanced understanding of the dynamics within the Jai Dog community and group our dogs across smaller bases or “bubbles” to avoid tensions that can arise within larger groups. Giving our residents a reassuringly familiar place to come back to, relax and settle, prevents them from becoming unnecessarily stressed or agitated.

Throughout the day, our dogs can enjoy the freedom to roam and play as they wish. Whether they’re seeking out their favourite spot in the shade, or enjoying a game of rough-and-tumble, there’s space for everyone to while away the hours however they prefer.

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The power of play

Play time is an important part of daily life on The Farm. Our custom-built dog park, complete with sandpits, tyres, A-frames and tunnels, is the perfect place for dogs to run, play and let off steam.

We believe enrichment and stimulation are essential to keeping our dogs happy and healthy. Play helps to teach healthy social habits with both dogs and humans.

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Walking back to happiness

Our days start with a group walk around The Farm, a chance for the dogs to stretch their legs after a good night’s sleep and take in the views. (Whether they fully appreciate the breath-taking sunrises we can’t be sure, but it’s certainly makes for an invigorating start to the day!)

For the younger dogs who aren’t yet ready to join the morning romp, walks take the form of “collar and lead practice” with the team, helping them to adjust for the new home lives that lie ahead of them.

We also make time each day to take our disabled residents out for a spin in their wheelchairs. Some like to speed up and down the track, while others prefer a more “off road” approach, but all enjoy the chance to run and move freely.

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Most of the Jai Dog Rescue shelter team are based on-site, living in housing that has been cleverly designed around the dogs’ accommodation needs. This means there’s someone on hand 24 hours of the day, every single day.

Not only does this ensure greater safety – allowing us to respond rapidly to any issues that may arise – it also ensures our dogs can enjoy round-the-clock companionship and social interaction. All our dogs are given regular attention and training from the team, giving them an excellent head start for an adoptive home of their own.

They’re also given an invaluable opportunity to socialise with children – the young daughter of one of Bon Jardin’s farm workers, Gip, is an avid dog-lover, and never misses the chance to get stuck into daily cuddles!

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On-site expertise

As well as taking care of our permanent residents, The Farm is also a safe haven for the hundreds of street dogs who pass through our ‘CNVR’ clinics. These run regularly on site, and we were delighted to expand our facilities in 2021, building a new dedicated clinic and surgery, staffed by our own vet team.

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Comfort in routine

We believe a relaxed dog is a happy dog. Whether they’re waiting for a new home, or one of our long-term residents, we give every dog in our care the consistency and comfort of a well-rounded daily routine. This helps them relax, safe in the knowledge that life is no longer a scramble for food and security on the streets, and sets our adoptable dogs up for the best possible start in their new homes.

From regular walks and scheduled mealtimes, to weekly rituals such as “shower day”, our dogs enjoy a balanced lifestyle that takes care of both their physical and mental wellbeing.

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We’re incredibly proud of the safe haven we’ve built, but there are still so many more dogs in need of the sanctuary we can provide.

Your donations allow us to keep our doors open for more street dogs still waiting for their chance at happiness.

Sponsor a dog; Fund happiness

There are over 80 dogs who call The Farm home. For our sponsor dogs, the shelter provides them both a safe haven and a forever sanctuary, ensuring they’ll know nothing but comfort and safety for the rest of their lives, despite their harrowing beginnings in life.

Sponsorship makes that possible: give our dogs the gift of a lifetime

From our home to yours

We love every single dog who passes through our care, and it’s our pleasure to get to know them as individuals. But not matter how hard it is to say goodbye, nothing makes us happier than seeing them start a new life in a forever home all of their own.