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Rescue & Rehab

August 18, 2021

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Because dogs deserve better

Rescue is at the heart of Jai Dog Rescue. From injury caused by road accidents or dog fights, to victims of disease, neglect or abuse, we’re on hand to assist with any emergency that arises. We provide specialist care and rehabilitation to all those who need it.

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A vital lifeline

Jai Dog Rescue provide a vital lifeline to street dogs in desperate need. Life is tough for a dog on the streets of Thailand. Disease is rife, the climate is unforgiving, and competition for territory and food is fierce. To make matters worse, stray dogs are at a staggeringly high risk of injury or death caused by road traffic accidents and neglect.

Whether it’s the threat of lethal disease such as parvovirus, canine distemper or TVT, or the harrowing injuries and disabilities caused by the reality of life on the streets, we’re on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to whatever emergency may arise.

We commit to each and every dog that passes through our care: once a street dog becomes a Jai Dog, they have our promise that we’ll do whatever it takes to provide for them. Whether it’s nursing them through disease or sickness, or providing life-saving surgery or treatment, we never give up on them.

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Danger on the road

Our work exposes us to the harsh reality of life for a dog on the streets of Thailand. One of the more common injuries we see are those caused by traffic accidents.

Street dogs here in Thailand often linger at the side of the road during the day, hopeful that they may come across discarded food. At night, many dogs to take to the road itself, lying down and enjoying the warmth that comes from the tarmac.

Both habits place Thailand’s street dogs directly in harm’s way; and with fast and erratic driving on the roads, accidents are all too common. It’s rare that someone will stop when a stray is hit. Often we’ll be called out for an emergency rescue, only to realise on arrival that the dog has been suffering for weeks.

We have vast experience responding to these kind of injuries and, working with the incredible local veterinary team, have rescued victims of car accidents who would otherwise have perished. Some are able to walk again, others may need an amputation or wheelchair. But we never give up on an injured dog, no matter how severe their injuries.

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Specialist care for dogs in need

After a dog has been rescued and assessed by our local vet, a treatment plan is put in place to ensure the dog has the best chance of making a successful recovery. Some of our more serious rescue cases may require specialist treatment and rehabilitation.

We provide wheelchairs for dogs who have been paralysed, helping them to learn how to navigate their new wheels safely. Whilst it’s not good for a dog to remain in their chair for long periods of time (this can put undue strain on the upper body and cause further injury), we make sure that all our dogs receive two walks a day, on top of playtime with their friends.

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Bringing dogs to heal

We also provide specialist recovery programmes which may include physio or hydrotherapy. If our dogs require ongoing medication, we’ll work with the vet team to ensure they get whatever they need to feel healthy and happy.

Once a dog has been nursed fully recovered and been given an extensive health check by our vet team, we’ll decide the best course of action for their future.

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From our home to yours

Where possible, we try to find our dogs a new home and family through our adoption program. Some dogs wait only a matter of weeks before they catch the eye of a loving adopter, some may wait years. But The Farm is a safe home for all, no matter how long they need it.

Some dogs remain long term residents, and we provide for them with all the care and affection they deserve. Our sponsorship programme helps us give these dogs a long and happy life, no matter if they’re unsuited to a more conventional adoptive home of their own.

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Sponsor a dog. Save a life.

There are over 80 dogs who call The Farm home. For our sponsor dogs, the shelter provides them both a safe haven and a forever sanctuary, ensuring they’ll know nothing but comfort and safety for the rest of their lives, despite their harrowing beginnings in life.

Sponsorship makes that possible: give our dogs the gift of a lifetime

From our home to yours

We love every single dog who passes through our care, and it’s our pleasure to get to know them as individuals. But not matter how hard it is to say goodbye, nothing makes us happier than seeing them start a new life in a forever home all of their own.

Adopt a dog and discover love like no other.