Head of CNVR

As the Head of CNVR, you will play a pivotal role in the planning and execution of an ambitious, fast-growing, and impactful sterilization and vaccination campaign. This campaign aims to sterilize around 80,000 dogs in the Nakhon Nayok area over five years, establishing a network of CNVR Clinic teams and a mobile CNVR model to reach animals and communities in need. 


  • Manage multiple teams of veterinary surgeons, vet nurses, dog catchers, and other members running fast-paced mobile CNVR clinics. 
  • Oversee the setup, deployment, and day-to-day operations of teams at various locations, such as local municipalities, schools, gymnasiums, and temple courtyards. 
  • Lead recruitment and training efforts for new team members. 
  • Ensure monthly targets are met, implementing effective systems for managing budgets, population surveys, reporting, and stock and inventory. 
  • Work collaboratively with local municipalities to secure suitable clinic locations. 
  • Coordinate daily booking schedules and ensure accurate data collection and recording. 
  • Conduct weekly stock checks and optimize stock management systems. 
  • Act as a liaison for Jai Dog Rescue, promoting our activities locally. 
  • Prepare monthly reports on CNVR activity and other necessary reports and presentations. 
  • Develop marketing and informational materials as required. 
  • Regularly review and enhance clinical practices and procedures across all teams. 


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher education. 
  • Valid driving license. 
  • Surgical or clinical environment experience preferred. 
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills. 
  • Excellent communication skills in English, working well with a diverse staff. 
  • Hardworking, self-motivated, and passionate about animal welfare. 
  • Competent use of MS Office or equivalent. 

Salary and Benefits 

  • Full-time position with a 3-month initial probation. 
  • Attractive and competitive salary (TBD based on experience). 
  • 20 days paid annual leave. 
  • Annual salary review and discretionary bonus. 
  • 50% Social Security contribution. 

How to Apply 

To inquire, please contact [email protected] or call Mike Dower at 099-152-6584.