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Jai Dog Adoption Process


From street to sofa: we’ve got it covered


With years of rescue experience under our belt, and a truly world-class shelter in which to raise and socialise our dogs, we pride ourselves on the unique level of service, insight and care we’re able to offer our adopters. Our unique “street-to-sofa” adoptions service ensures that you and your dog will experience the upmost care and proficiency at every step of the journey.

Here’s what you can expect from every stage of the process:

Stage 1

Getting to know each other

1. Take a look around

Maybe you’ve been following our work for a while and have finally decided the time is right to adopt a Jai Dog; or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of us. Either way, we welcome you to take a good look around our website, familiarise yourself with our adoptions service and The Farm (our stunning Thai shelter) and – of course – meet the gorgeous rescue dogs currently looking for a home.

2. Submit an adoption form

If you think you’re ready to adopt, the next step is to fill in an adoption form. You’ll be taken through a short pre-adoption checklist first to make sure you’re eligible to adopt a Jai Dog, before getting stuck into more detailed questions about you and your home, lifestyle, working patterns, etc.

We use this to base our matchmaking decisions on, so do make sure you answer all questions fully and honestly: it will help us find you your perfect dog!

3. Leave it with us!

Once submitted, you’ll receive confirmation that we’ve received your form. Please check your junk / other folders (and save us as a trusted contact to make sure you don’t miss any communications from us in the coming weeks!)

It may take us up to 10 days to respond to your enquiry. This is because we’re a very small team who pride ourselves on providing a high-quality, thorough start-to-finish adoption service, which means we read every single enquiry in detail to ensure the best possible match between adopter and dog.

4. Assessment

We read your adoption form in detail and confirm whether we’re able to take your adoption forward. If for whatever reason we think a Jai Dog may not be right for you, we will always tell you at this stage so as to avoid getting your hopes up.

We pride ourselves on considering all applicants, regardless of your living circumstances and we’ll never turn an aspiring adopter away without reading your form in detail first. But in the rare instance that we deem an applicant unsuitable / unready for the process of adopting a Thai rescue dog, we’ll be sure to let you know and make sure that we’re not wasting your time.

At the end of Stage One...

…you will have:


…we will have:

  • Read through your form in detail
  • Started thinking about which dogs you might be best matched to
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Stage 2

Making the perfect match

1. Your adoption journey begins 

Assuming we think you’ll be a good fit for a Jai dog, we’ll get in touch and let you know that you’ve passed out initial checks and outline the next steps.

A quick note on our waiting list system:


Whilst we’re normally able to kick start your individual adoption process as soon as we’ve approved your form, there may be times when we need to place you on a short waiting list. 

We’ll be sure to let you know if it’s looking like things may take longer than usual, alongside our best estimate of how long things might take. 

We always aim to be as up front about the situation as possible so you know exactly where you stand from the outset. 

2. Speaking with the adoption team

As soon as we’re able to begin your journey, we’ll email you to arrange a kickoff call. This is a chance for a member of our adoption team to get to know you better and chat through your requirements in more detail.

3. A match is made

Now that we’ve got all your information on file and we’ve spoken to you in detail, we take all the information you’ve given us and discuss whichever dogs we feel will be most suitable. We’ll send you their bios alongside a few extra photos and videos and let you review our suggestions.

Hopefully, it’ll be love at first sight! But we understand that the chemistry needs to be just right, so we’ll always take the time to make sure you’re happy with the match before going any further.

4. Pay your adoption deposit

Once your 100% happy with your match, we know you’ll be excited to bring your dream dog home as soon as possible. At this stage we take a non-refundable deposit of £50 which allows us to begin the necessary preparations for travel. You’ll be emailed information about how to pay your deposit, and sent a confirmation and receipt for your records.

At this stage, we’ll also introduce you to your very own Jai Dog adoption liaison, someone who’s on hand to help you through the adoption journey, offer advice, and answer any questions you may have.

They’ll be in touch to arrange the best time for your Show & Tell call…

5. Book your Show & Tell call

The Show & Tell is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better.

Taking place over video call, it allows you to show us your home and outdoor space. We’ll also tell you more about what you can expect from the first days and weeks after bringing your dog home, give you some more in-depth advice on how to prepare, and to answer any questions you may have.

Show & Tell calls usually last around an hour.

6. Final paperwork

Following your Show & Tell call, we’ll send you an adoption contract to read and sign. We also ask that you pay the remaining balance. You’ll be emailed a receipt for your records, and your liaison will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Our adoption fees:

To the UK

We are committed to giving as many Thai dogs the chance to live a happy life overseas as possible, and do our best to keep rehoming costs as low as we can in order to facilitate this. We do not charge anything for the dog themselves – the adoption fee covers all elements of the rehoming process, including: flights, vaccinations and medication, microchipping, and travel paperwork. 

Due to an increase in travel costs, we work on a quote by quote basis but the total fee tends to be in the region of £1,500 which you should bear in mind.

We’re reliant on flight volunteers to allow us to keep our costs down, helping to make adopting a dog from Thailand affordable. We are usually able to source a flight within 4-6 weeks of your deposit being paid…sometimes sooner if you’re really lucky!

If you would like to speak to us about fast-tracking your dog’s journey, we do have the option of sending your dog direct to the UK. However, please note that direct flights cost in the region of £2,500-3,500.


From within Thailand 

Adoptions within Thailand are free of charge. As we do not charge a fee for our dogs, the only costs will be your travel to come and collect your newly adopted dog. 

If you’re able to provide a donation in your new dog’s name to help contribute towards our rehoming work, we’re always very grateful for gifts of any size. 

By the end of stage two...

We will have:

  • Matched you to the perfect dog
  • Got to know you better during the Show & Tell call


You will have:

  • Been given all the information you need about your dog, the settling in process, and what to expect
  • Asked any specific questions you may have
  • Signed your adoption contract
  • Paid your remaining adoption fee, allowing us to book your dog’s transport
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Stage 3

Putting the wheels in motion

1. Freedom flight booked

We now confirm the process of preparing your dog for travel. This includes completing pre-travel paperwork and vet checks, as well as sourcing a space on the next available flight.

2. Dial in for an update

One of our favourite parts of the process… We know that you’ll be impatient for your new dog to arrive (as adopters ourselves, we’ve all been there!), so to make the wait a little easier, we invite you to book in a 1-on-1 video call with your dog.

During this call, one of our shelter wardens will be happy to dial your dog in for a catch up (although we train and socialise our dogs prior to adoption, they’ve yet to master the use of a phone!)

This is a wonderful opportunity to check in on your dog and help keep the excitement alive while you wait.

3. Homeward bound

It’s finally time! On the day of travel, we take our dogs to Bangkok airport where we meet the flight volunteer (or cargo representative if you’ve chosen to fly your dog direct to the UK). We wait with the dogs until they’re all checked in and try to keep them as relaxed as possible.

Whilst long journeys can be stressful for any dog, the airlines take good care of the animals on each flight. However, it’s important to be aware that your dog will likely be a little overwhelmed when they first meet you: it’s very normal for rescue dogs to take at least a few days to sleep off the experience and begin to relax into their new surroundings.

By the end of stage three...

We will have:

  • Completed all pre-travel paperwork and vet checks
  • Secured a flight volunteer and planned their journey home (or booked your dog onto a direct flight if you’ve chosen the express adoption option)


You will have:

  • Received lots of extra photos and videos of your dog while you wait for them to arrive
  • Been given an arrival date and estimated time slot, as well as details about where to pick your dog up
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Stage 4

Home sweet home

1. Collecting your dog

You’ll have been updated throughout the duration of your dog’s journey. If they’re flying into mainland Europe, they’ll be picked up by one of our trusted pet couriers who will turn on tracking for their onward travel so you can keep an eye on their progress. They’ll also be in touch once they reach Calais to confirm their ETA.

We’ll send you all the details about where and when to meet your dog (likely a service station that serves as the most central location) so you can be ready and waiting for them to arrive. Remember this moment: it’s the first glimpse of your new best friend!

Your dog will arrive with their paperwork, passport and vet records for you to keep. If space allows, we also advise that you keep the crate they travelled in: it ensures they’re kept nice and safe on the trip back home, and gives them a safe, familiar space to sleep and relax whilst they acclimatise to their new surroundings.

2. Welcoming them home

Whilst the long journey home may be over, it’s now that your adoption journey truly begins. You’ll be given plenty of information about how to prepare for your new arrival: we’ll send you a bespoke information pack with information about your dog’s specific temperament and needs and ensure you have all the resources you need to get started.

This means you’ll be well prepared to give them everything they need to make a smooth transition from our shelter to your sofa!

3. A little patience goes a long way

Remember, all dogs can take time to settle into a new environment, and after the upheaval of the journey home, your new dog may be uncharacteristically nervous, anxious, or agitated for the first few weeks.

We often talk about the rule of 3:

  • 3 days to fully unwind after the journey;
  • 3 weeks before they start to feel comfortable enough to come out of their shell;
  • and 3 months before they begin to feel like part of the family.


Keep this in mind during those early stages, and don’t worry if it takes a little time to get the hang of things! A little love and patience goes a long way, and building a unique bond with your new rescue dog is one of the most rewarding things you can experience.

4. My dog is a Jai dog!

When you adopt a Jai dog, we welcome you into our amazing community of adopters, all of whom have gone through all these steps and are happy to share their advice and anecdotes. We invite you to join our private Facebook group where you can share stories, tips and photos.

If you a fan of social media, please be sure to tag us in your photos. You can now officially say: #mydogisajaidog!

We miss our dogs terribly once they’ve left the shelter, but it’s all so worth it knowing that they’re living such happy, full lives. We love to see what they’re up to, and we’re always grateful to see how they’re getting on.

We wish you and your new dog every happiness together: thank you so much for adopting a Jai Dog and giving them the forever home they deserve.

By the end of stage 4...

We will have…

  • Sent you detailed information about where and when to collect your dog
  • Sent you a bespoke information pack designed to help you settle your Jai Dog in as smoothly as possible
  • Provided you with plenty of advice and resources to set you up for a very happy life with your new dog!


You will have…

  • Been counting down the days! (But don’t worry, you’ll also have received extra photos and videos of your dog as you wait for them to arrive.)
  • Received an invitation to join our Facebook adopters group
  • Welcomed your gorgeous new Jai Dog into your home, ready to begin your lives together
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Any more questions?

If you’d like to know anything further about our adoptions, including prices and other details, please take a look at our FAQs:

Adoption FAQs

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