Hi, I’m Spot

Peter’s story is a familiar one: dumped at The Farm when just a puppy, we can’t be sure where he started out life or what that life looked life. All we can say for certain is that Peter hasn’t let his sorry beginnings dampen his character…  

Ready to adopt Spot?

Peter is a very affectionate and loving dog who regularly seeks out human attention – despite the team’s best efforts, he simply refuses to accept that he no longer fits on people’s laps! 

Being a young dog, Peter is very active and is a big fan of ‘pack walks’ on The Farm; an opportunity for him to let off some steam and burn off all that energy. He is also very playful and gets on well with both people and other dogs – in fact, his current hangout of choice is right by the front gates, so that he can greet (and kiss!) all our visitors.


Spot’s perfect home?

As a young dog with lots of energy, Peter will need an active home who can keep up with him! His adopter will need to commit to giving him all the exercise and mental stimulation he deserves, to prevent him from becoming bored.

Peter gets on well with other dogs but does tend to ‘guard’ his food come dinnertime. He also likes to chew anything he can get his paws on! We’re confident that in the right home, with the right training, Peter will overcome these behaviours in no time, but he’ll need an adopter who is committed to supporting him. 

Peter would thrive as the only dog in the home, however, with the right adopters, he could be just as happy living with another dog especially given how friendly and playful he is!

Am I your perfect match?

So you’ve read the details, you’ve fallen in love, and now you’d like to adopt? We don’t blame you…you’re only human after all!

The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption form. This will give us all the information we need to make a match and see if the dog that’s caught your eye is the right fit for you.

Are you ready?