Hi, I’m Honey

Honey was one of our Christmas pups, left in a box at the gates of our shelter in December alongside her four siblings at only a few months old. Dubbed ‘the Famous Five’, the puppies have become a real gaggle of fun and mischief here on The Farm and it’s been a pleasure to watch them grow into the lively, affectionate and rambunctious young dogs they are today.

Honey had a tough start in life. Not only was she dumped as a young puppy but she also developed parvovirus a few weeks after she was rescued. Fortunately, we spotted the signs early which allowed us to immediately begin treatment and, alongside her sister Winnie, she was nursed painstakingly back to health by Mike. It was touch and go whether she’d survive, but Honey is a fighter and, thanks to our round-the-clock care, she pulled through! 

Fortunately, there are no lasting side-effects for puppies that suffer from parvo, and Honey has completely recovered from the ordeal. In fact, it seems to have given her a new appreciation of life and she wakes up each day ready to enjoy whatever the world has to offer. 

Ready to adopt Honey?

Honey is as sweet as her name suggests! She has a charming nature and is incredibly affectionate, but isn’t afraid to get stuck into playtime with her siblings either. After what she’s been through, this girl has no fear and is always up for new adventures. 

Honey is a sociable young dog who enjoys the company of both dogs and people. She’s a bundle of happy energy, and her gorgeous big brown eyes can melt your heart with one bat of her long lashes! 

Honey’s perfect home?

Just like all the pups, Honey is a young dog with lots of energy. Whilst we know she’d love an adopter who she can cuddle up to and share the sofa with in the evenings, she’d thrive in a home where she can have plenty of exercise and mental stimulation in the day.

Honey would love to have a garden of her own and plenty of outdoor space to explore on walks. She’s been collar and lead trained and we know she’d be eager to explore the big wide world. 

She’s grown up around her siblings and the dogs on The Farm so is very comfortable in the presence of other dogs. We think she’d be happy to live on her own, but equally could respond well to an older, resident dog who can show her the ropes. She’s also used to playing with children so we will consider homes with older children that have a good understanding of how to interact with dogs. 

Her adopter should be aware that, given that The Farm is the only environment she’s ever really known, it may take Honey some time to get fully settled into life in a UK home. However we have no doubt that, with the usual love and patience all rescue dogs need to help the acclimatise, this sweet-natured soul will make a wonderful addition to one very lucky household! 

Am I your perfect match?

So you’ve read the details, you’ve fallen in love, and now you’d like to adopt? We don’t blame you…you’re only human after all!

The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption form. This will give us all the information we need to make a match and see if the dog that’s caught your eye is the right fit for you.

Are you ready?