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Jai Dogs: Rescued

September 30, 2021

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While all Jai Dogs have a distinct story to tell, there are often those who have overcome some truly staggering obstacles: abandoned at our gates riddled with disease, entire limbs sliced off and the sadly all-too-familiar news of yet another dog knocked by a car and left to die.

Our Jai Dogs: Rescued fund is there for dogs like them.




Life is already tough for a dog on the streets of Thailand: disease is rife, the climate is unforgiving, and competition for territory and food is fierce. But throw a debilitating disability into the mix and the chances of survival are staggeringly low.

Jai Dogs: Rescued is a fund that helps those dogs in need of serious veterinary treatment: treatment that goes above and beyond our usual sterilisation and vaccination efforts, and far beyond the day-to-day costs of running The Farm.

The fund was inspired by our mission to transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand, because we believe that no matter how disadvantaged their start in life, every dog deserves the best possible chance of health and happiness.



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Lola was discovered as a tiny puppy with a broken spine. It’s likely her injuries were caused by a hard kick or a motorbike collision and rendered her unable to use her back legs. Clearly, returning her to the streets wasn’t an option: it would have been a death sentence.

Lola has come a long way since then, with the help of some very special people: her original rescuers at PAWSS, the team here on The Farm, and now her wonderful foster family in the UK. But it’s only thanks to the generous donations that make up our Jai Dogs: Rescued fund, that her travel, custom-built wheelchair and ongoing rehabilitation is all possible.

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It was clear as soon as we saw Omo that he’d been paralysed (likely the result of a road traffic accident) and had lost the use of both back legs. But there was a small glimmer of hope: an X-ray revealed that Omo’s spinal cord was still in-tact, meaning there was a chance he’d walk again.

Since then, he’s travelled to Bangkok for a doggy MRI, undergone surgery to relieve the blockages in his spine, and kickstarted daily physiotherapy to help him regain strength in his legs (essential if he’s ever to walk again).

Omo’s recovery is ongoing (keep an eye on our socials for the latest news) but it’s all thanks to the Jai Dogs: Rescued fund that his treatment is possible at all.

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Lynx’s story had profoundly harrowing beginnings that shocked even our most experienced dog rescuers.

Dumped at a nearby temple, both of Lynx’s feet had been sliced off and his injuries were wrapped in dirty bandages: a sign that someone had taken him in and tried to heal his injuries, only to realise that the problem was too great. Most alarming of all were the injuries themselves: both feet had been removed with a very clean cut, ruling out a car accident or dog fight as the source of Lynx’s suffering.

We’re lucky that cases of intentional abuse are rare here in Thailand, but Lynx’s story still shocked us to the core. While we might never know the truth behind his injuries, the future is looking bright thanks to the generosity of everyone who’s donated to our Jai Dogs: Rescued fund, and Lynx is now back on his feet with his very own custom-built wheelchair on its way!



Lola, Lynx and Omo are just a handful of the thousands of dogs we’ve cared for over the years, all in varying states of sickness and neglect. But sadly, they won’t be the last.

Your donations ensure we can be there whenever the phone rings to report another incidence of neglect; whenever all hope is lost for another dog with life-threatening wounds. And because we’re supported financially by not one, but two incredible partner organisations, 100% of every penny you donate goes directly to Jai Dogs: Rescued. Your support quite literally funds the treatment and care of dogs who have suffered the very worst of what it means to be a street dog in Thailand.


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