Hi, I’m Janet

Janet, and her sister Jessie, came to live at The Farm after another rescuer in the South of Thailand could no longer look after them. They arrived in 2019 and wasted no time in settling in! With their golden locks and affectionate characters, they’ve become firm favourites with the team – after all, you can always rely on Janet and Jessie for a cuddle at the end of a long day! 

Ready to adopt Janet?

Janet is the more confident of the two sisters and has no issues with meeting new people – in fact, she’ll be the first to give you a big, wet sloppy kiss! Whether you’re a new acquaintance or an old friend, Janet loves people and will actively seek out human company and attention, even sitting patiently while being groomed. This can sometimes border on the ‘needy’ end of the scale so adopters will need to have plenty of love to offer this gorgeous girl.   

As a young dog who is used to the sprawling fields of The Farm, Janet loves to explore, run and play. Like all of our dogs, she has been collar and lead trained, so she’ll be ready for new adventures just as soon as she’s settled in.   


Janet’s perfect home?

Janet’s friendly nature means that she can live with other dogs (or be equally happy by herself, for maximum attention!) and with sensible, dog-savvy children.  

Providing enough exercise and mental stimulation will be key for Janet, as she is a very active dog. As such, a home with a garden and exciting walks rights on her doorstep would be ideal!  

Am I your perfect match?

So you’ve read the details, you’ve fallen in love, and now you’d like to adopt? We don’t blame you…you’re only human after all!

The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption form. This will give us all the information we need to make a match and see if the dog that’s caught your eye is the right fit for you.

Are you ready?