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Shadow used to live on a construction site where the workers shared their food and shelter. But once the build was complete and the workers had abandoned the site, Shadow was left to fend for herself. 

Shadow's Jai Dog Superpower


Like all rescue dogs, Shadow has a remarkable tale to tell. She’s lived to share her story with you, and that’s all thanks to her rescue dog superpowers! 

Shadow’s Jai Dog Superpower is ‘Jai Dee’ [ใจดี] which means: sweet-natured 

Shadow used to live on a construction site where the workers shared their food and shelter. But once the build was complete and the workers had abandoned the site, Shadow was left to fend for herself. 

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Hi, I’m Shadow

Sawadee ka! I’m Shadow and I’m one of the newest arrivals here on The Farm, joining the Jai Dog family just a few months ago.  

Before that, me and my two brothers were living at an abandoned construction site with hundreds of other dogs. But it wasn’t always abandoned: there used to be lots of people there who shared their food and provided shelter. Life was good for a while, until the people finished their work and left: all of a sudden, we had to fend for ourselves, and I was especially scared. 

Most other dogs wandered off in search of food and shelter elsewhere, but me and my brothers stayed at the construction site. We hoped the people would one day return, but they never did. 

Instead, a local rescuer heard about our experience and came to visit: she bought food and promised to find us somewhere safe to stay, which is how we came to live with the team at Jai Dog Rescue. Thanks to them, me and my brothers are healthy, happy, and never hungry!  

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Finding my feet

You might’ve noticed that my page only has a handful of photos? This is because my experience has left me incredibly shy and so the Jai Dog Rescue team haven’t been able to get close enough for photos. I know I’m lucky to be here, but I worry that if I trust anyone again they too will leave us, and I’ll be back on the streets where I surely won’t last long. I hope you won’t hold this against me when choosing a dog to sponsor: I’m sure it won’t take me long to find my feet, I just need a little more time.

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Hope on the horizon

To cope with the upheaval, I’ve really shut down since arriving on The Farm: I rarely leave my kennel and haven’t yet allowed anyone to pet or cuddle me. My brothers have taken less convincing, they’re already playing with the other dogs and greeting the team when they bring us our food, but I’m just not ready yet. 

Thankfully, the Jai Dog Rescue team don’t try to hurry me: they’ve said I can take as long as I need to come out of my shell and have even given me my very own bamboo bed so that I can hide underneath it!  

To show them I’m trying my very best, I’ve started venturing out from my hiding spot to eat my dinner in front of them, which is big progress for a little dog like me. 

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Am I your perfect match?


I might not be able to come and live with you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be your perfect dog!

If you’d like to sponsor me, the lovely people at Jai Dog Rescue will send you regular updates and pictures to let you know how your generous support is helping me live my best life.

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Why I need sponsoring

Where possible, Jai Dog Rescue try to find forever homes for the dogs they rescue but this isn’t always possible due to age, temperament or disability. For me, this won’t be possible because I’m simply too nervous: the idea of travelling on a plane and having to readjust to another new environment is really frightening, and so it’s best for me to stay here on The Farm. 

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What your sponsorship will fund

Your sponsorships will make this possible for me: they ensure that the Jai Dog Rescue team have all the ongoing resources they need to provide forever homes for dogs like me, who can never be adopted. It means food in my belly, regular health checks and a consistent, familiar environment to help me grow in confidence.  

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be confident enough to one day show the Jai Dog Rescue team just how grateful I am! 

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