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My name is Onnut. The special power received means ‘loving’.

I was one of thousands of dogs that wander the streets of Thailand. Even though life began with hardships I have completely forgotten my past and now live a wonderful life.

Onnut's Jai Dog Superpower


Onnut’s Jai Dog Superpower is [ชอบกัน] which means loving.

True to her identity, Onnut loves life on the Farm. She loves cuddles, food and all of the canine and human companionship the Farm has to offer!


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ฉัน อ่อนนุช

Hi, I’m Onnut

Sawadee krup! I’m Onnut, and I’m proof that all dogs are worth fighting for!  

I’ve only been on The Farm for a short while but already know that I’d like to stay for the rest of my life…this place is too good to be true.

I’m around ten years old but when you get to my age it’s hard to keep track, I just know that the past few years have been very difficult. My bones started to ache, and I was much slower to find food than the younger dogs who lived in my area. My fur has become patchy over the years due to fleas and my untreated skin condition and when my eyes started to get cloudy, I knew that my time was near.

I tried to be brave, but I didn’t really know how I was meant to survive. I found a quiet spot to lie down and that’s where I stayed, I was hungry but at least I was safe from all the traffic.  

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Hope at last

But then something amazing happened. On my travels, I had came across many people in the village who were apprehensive to approach me. But the team at Jai were nothing like this, they were friendly and kind. They fed me, gave me a bath and wanted to hold me but then something amazing happened: a team of people from Jai Dog Rescue turned up and scooped me into their arms. 

I love it here on The Farm. In the short time that I have been living here, my carers at Jai have helped to put the past behind me and now I know nothing but happiness, food and companionship. The Farm has allowed me the freedom and safety to regain a spring in my step, without the fear of getting hurt or picked on.

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Pampered life

The humans here seem obsessed with cleanliness: they expect us to have a shower every single week! I don’t love the showers, but I have to admit that they have done wonders for my skin condition and after an initial haircut, my fur is as thick and glossy as it’s ever been.

I love sunbathing in the warm rays, eating home cooked meals, getting cuddles from all the people and going for the occasional wander on The Farm. I love my life here and only hope that many more dogs will be as lucky as I was.


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Am I your perfect match?


My elderly age and achy bones means that I can’t travel to come live with you in your home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be your perfect dog! 

If you’d like to sponsor me, the lovely people at Jai Dog Rescue will send you regular updates and pictures to let you know how your generous support is helping me live my best life. 

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Why I need sponsoring

Dogs are everyday victims of road traffic accidents in Thailand. Thousands of dogs, just like me, live by roadsides and try to fend for themselves. It was truly a miracle that I survived as long as I did. However, many of my friends over the years have not been so lucky.

Most dogs who are taken off the street at such an older age aren’t very well suited to adoption. After all, we have so much to learn about life as a domestic dog and it can take us a while to forget our younger years. We spend so much time hungry and protecting ourselves and our food from other dogs that it can be difficult to get used to new friends and surroundings. I think I’m just a little to set in my ways.  

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What your sponsorship will fund

Your sponsorship makes sure I’m well looked after here on The Farm. I love my meals, so I’m grateful for every delicious dinner you send my way! And I suppose I’d be happy to share some of the food you fund with my pals here.  

But more than just my own care, I want to be an ambassador for all stray dogs. Did you know that 80% of dogs born on the street won’t make it to adulthood? It saddens me to think just how short the lives are for so many dogs just like me. If it weren’t for Jai Dog Rescue, I dread to think of what would have happened.  

It would make me so happy to think that your sponsorship could help rescue other stray dogs and take them away from the struggle that lies ahead of them. The Farm is a great place to look after them while they get ready to find a home of their own, and I’m happy to impart all of my wisdom as they wait to find a special home of their own! 

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สปอนเซอร์ อ่อนนุช

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