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Lynx's Jai Dog Superpower


Like all rescue dogs, Lynx has a remarkable tale to tell. He’s lived to share his story with you, and that’s all thanks to his rescue dog superpowers! 

Lynx’s Jai Dog Superpower is ‘Jai Khang’ [ใจแข็ง] which means: resilient 

This was a rescue case that truly shocked us: discovered with both back feet sliced clean off, and covered in dirty bandages, nobody knew what the future had in store for Lynx. But he lived to show the world how resilient dogs are, and now spends his days zooming around The Farm. 

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Hi, I’m Lynx

Sawadee krup! I’m Lynx, and I arrived on The Farm just a few months ago. Nobody is quite sure what happened to me before meeting the Jai Dog Rescue team, I think perhaps I’ve blocked it out because it’s such a painful memory. All I know is that I was found at a local temple, covered in dirty bandages. Both my back feet had been sliced clean off, the kind of injury that the Jai Dog Rescue team suspect was a deliberate act of cruelty. I’m grateful to not remember.

Arriving on The Farm, I began to realise how bad my injuries were: without my feet, how would I ever walk again? How was I supposed to find food to survive, or run away from larger dogs on the streets? I’m only young, but I thought my life was over. 

But how wrong I was! The team cleaned my wounds every day and made sure I was receiving all the nutrients and medication I needed for a speedy recovery, I even had my own kennel in which to recuperate. After a few weeks, my wounds had recovered enough that I could start exploring the great outdoors again, supported by some padded boots and fresh bandages. I was just excited to be back on my feet again, but the Jai Dog Rescue team thought I would benefit from a new toy: my very own wheelchair! 

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The Jai community has really taken me under their wing: I arrived in a pretty bad way, grubby and bleeding, and not at all looking my cutest. But they still helped the Jai Dog Rescue team fundraise for my wheelchair and sent me lots of ‘get well soon’ messages.

My wheelchair has given me a whole new lease of life: it’s given me the freedom to feel like my old self again.

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I was worried at first that my disability would make me stand out, but actually there’s lots of dogs here with various disabilities and different needs: the Jai Dog Rescue team treat us all exactly the same, with love and patience and kindness. 

When I saw that their disabilities didn’t hold them back, I knew mine wouldn’t either. I’m proud to show the world just how resilient dogs like me really are. 

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Am I your perfect match?


I might not be able to come and live with you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be your perfect dog!

If you’d like to sponsor me, the lovely people at Jai Dog Rescue will send you regular updates and pictures to let you know how your generous support is helping me live my best life.

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Why I need sponsoring

As I lay in that temple waiting for someone to find me, shrouded in bloody bandages and in a lot of pain, I didn’t know if I’d survive let alone walk again. Even when I was rescued and brought to The Farm, I had resigned myself to the fact that life would be a bit rubbish and that, surely, after everything I’d been through, humans were not to be trusted. 

It was only thanks to the patience and gentle persistence of the Jai Dog Rescue team and their incredible supporters, that I began to change my mind: seeing how many other dogs with injuries similar to mine had been saved by them, really gave me hope. I soon came to learn that life still had plenty to offer and that with my new set of wheels, I could still enjoy every bit of it.  

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What your sponsorship will fund

One of my biggest fears was being returned to the streets: surely a dog like me wouldn’t survive long. Thankfully, the Jai Dog Rescue team have reassured me that I’ll never again have to fend for myself: I have a home here on The Farm for as long as I need, which for a dog who nearly lost everything, means the world. 

I now trust the Jai Dog Rescue team completely: they understand exactly what I need and how to take care of me (and my wheels!) Their care has given me the greatest gift of all: the ability to walk again…in my own special way at least! 

Your sponsorship means there’ll always be someone to look after me, someone who can strap me into my wheels and take me for a spin with the other dogs, helping me live life to the fullest despite the setbacks I’ve encountered.  

But best of all, your sponsorship shows me that there’s still kindness in the world. Having my feet sliced off showed me the very worst of humanity, but the Jai Dog Rescue team and all their supporters has shown me the very best and for that, I’m so grateful. 

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