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Our Commitment

Since Jai’s inception, we’ve always had the local community close to heart: we know the impact that locals play towards the daily well-being of street dogs in Thailand. From owners to feeders, small scale rescuers and even residents who reach out to inform us of urgent rescue cases, everyone plays their part in helping those most in need.

Because of the passionate community that surrounds us we are able to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome countless dogs and we aim to pay back this generosity through our support of ongoing projects.

We have achieved much in a short time and laid strong foundations. But when we consider the millions of dogs roaming the streets and the life of struggle and neglect which is for them a near certainty, it’s clear we have only scratched the surface.

There is much to do and, with your support, we can continue to make a lasting difference for the street dogs and the local communities of Thailand.

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Canines in Crisis

Canines in Crisis began with the desperate need to raise vital funds for some truly harrowing, tragic and often emotional rescue cases. Through this project and with your help, we aim to continue to support urgent rescue cases in need: from specialist surgery to wheelchairs and acupuncture to physiotherapy, our Canines in Crisis will never be turned away and instead have the chance at a happy life with us on The Farm.

To read more about our Canines in Crisis and our ongoing appeal, please click the links below: thank you.

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Unsung Heroes

In 2022, Jai Dog Rescue launched its Unsung Heroes campaign, created to provide support for those who dedicate their lives to Thailand’s street dogs.

There are millions of stray dogs in rural Thailand; many rely solely on the generosity of incredible local feeders and rescuers who work tirelessly to help the helpless. We think these unsung heroes deserve recognition and support for their selfless actions.

P Sumneung is a shining example of a local rescuer who has an unswerving commitment to the lives of Thai street dogs and Jai were privileged to rebuild her shelter, empower and continue to support her in her mission.

Jai continue to support 10 core local rescuers and feeders to provide for strays in their area and prevent problems they may face due to a growing street dog population. We provide regular food, medication and supplies for the dogs in their care.

To read more about P Sumneung and support our local rescuers appeal, please click the links below: thank you.

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CNVR stands for: Capture, Neuter Vaccinate, Release.

Jai Dog Rescue has teamed up with world-renowned animal charity Battersea in an ambitious 5 year project to transform the lives of street dogs here in Thailand.

Our two charities are aiming to neuter and vaccinate over 70,000 stray dogs over a period of 5 years, protecting these animals from disease and improving their life expectancy. The project seeks to reach those in greatest need, creating a life for stray dogs that allows them to experience a safe, stable, and pain-free existence whilst living harmoniously alongside the Thai community.

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Support our work

It’s thanks to your generosity that we’re able to do what we do. But with so many thousands of street dogs still in desperate need of help, we’re reliant on your support.

With 100% of everything you give going straight to our work on the ground, a donation of any size really can make the difference between life and death.

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