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Community Outreach

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Jai Dog Rescue champions collaboration as one of our core values. We respect the culture, values and needs of the community in which we work.

We work alongside local communities to provide for strays in their area and prevent problems they may face due to a growing street dog population. We also support our local temples and many individual rescuers and small-scale shelters, helping provide food, medication and supplies for the dogs in their care.

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Community matters

We are blessed to work within a community and culture that places value on the life of an animal. Whilst we’ve witnessed many harrowing incidents of abuse and can certainly testify to instances of cruelty, the acts of kindness and compassion we see each day deserves true recognition.

Many streets claim joined responsibility for the strays living there, and whilst they may not look after these dogs as conventional pets, they do what they can to keep them fed and seek further help or treatment when needed. The Jai Dog Rescue team are always happy to step in and support however we can.

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Together we are stronger. We’re passionate about supporting ventures to aid further rescue and welfare initiatives for stray dogs in Thailand.

With tens of thousands of dogs roaming the streets in this province alone, a number of individual rescuers are making attempts to provide what shelter they are able to. Whilst these kennels tend to be rudimentary, we respect the desire to make a difference and help dogs find some form of basic safety.

We have a good working relationship with many local rescuers, and do whatever we can to provide food and supplies, as well as lending any advice and aid if needed. We hope to be able to further strengthen these partnerships as we grow, supporting those individuals intent on doing good in this world.

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Feeding the hungry

We also do what we can to provide food for dogs on the street. Not only does this provide a vital lifeline, helping stave off starvation for hundreds of strays, it also ensures that the dogs can live more peacefully alongside humans, being less likely to beg for food and cause trouble for people.

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£120 would feed a stray dog for a whole year

Your donation goes a long way and helps us feed the many dogs who would otherwise go hungry. Whatever you can spare will make a big difference not just to the dogs, but to the communities impacted by their growing numbers.