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Jai orn • a big softie

7 Years


4 Months

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He might not be a puppy anymore, but we’re confident there’s a Benji-shaped hole in someone’s heart out there – could it be you?

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Benji's story

Benji has been living with us here on the Farm for over three years now, and it is always a delight to be greeted with one of his smiles in the morning.  

The first couple of months of his time here sadly weren’t so cheerful. We came to discover that Benji had been living on the streets for quite some time. Not having the street-smart wits to cope with life on the streets, Benji started to become fragile and defenseless. 

When Benji was found in 2018, abandoned in a field, his health was in serious decline. A target to other street dogs, he had reportedly been attacked by a group of local semi-owned dogs and was found with deep wounds all over his body.

Fortunately, we got to Benji in time and were able to get him the treatment he needed to make a full recovery. Over time, his wounds healed, and his beautiful, glossy coat grew back. Fast forward a few weeks and Benji’s laid-back and affectionate personality started to shine through. It turns out that all this big softie needed to spring back to his old self was love, fuss and delicious dinners! 

Benji has remained at the Farm since his rescue where he enjoys cosying up to the staff for loving embraces and tummy tickles, snoozing on his handmade bamboo bed and playing with his small circle of female friends.  

With his love for home comforts, Benji couldn’t be more ready (and worthy!) of a dedicated and devoted home.
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Benji's character

Benji is a well-trained, well-mannered boy which is why we suspect that he may have been brought up as a pet for a short period of time when he was younger. Benji’s lead training skills are coming along nicely and he’ll no doubt make the perfect walking companion. 

Benji is very comfortable around people, actively seeking human attention. He enjoys a snooze on his handmade bamboo bed but despite his preference to pass the time of day relaxing and sleeping, there’s no stopping this goofy hound when the need for zoomies kicks in!  

In the past, Benji has suffered from small seizures. He was seen by the vet who decided to not place him on medication to the minor nature and infrequency of the episodes. But this small hurdle doesn’t stop him and with or without his canine friends, Benji loves racing around the Farm once a day to burn off some energy.   

Unfortunately, Benji’s attack has left him scarred and while he likes the company of females, he is generally not as comfortable around male dogs. Particularly towards dominant dogs, Benji tends to growl and bark at them, and he has been known to stand his ground if challenged. 

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Benji's perfect home

Benji is a quiet, affectionate, older dog who will snooze for as long as he’s allowed. Not the young dog he once was, we feel that Benji would be suited to a calm household that can provide him with routine and plenty of downtime. 

Though he likes the company of female dogs and will occasionally engage in play with them, Benji would be better placed in a home as an only dog so that he can enjoy all the attention and belly scratches to himself!  

Benji’s future adopter will need to focus on his anxieties and reactivity around male dogs but with training, perseverance, and positive associations, we’re sure that Benji will learn to slowly trust male dogs again.  

As with all Jai dogs that have grown accustomed to plenty of outdoor space, Benji would love to have a garden of his own to wander around in or at least live by green spaces for him to explore in. As we have witnessed, Benji is very interested in chasing the cows on the Farm and because of his prey drive we would prefer to place him in a cat-free household. 

Benji will most probably need his space to begin with. However, we have no doubt that, with the usual love and patience all rescue dogs need to help them acclimatise, this lovely boy will settle into his new home and make the perfect addition to one loving household! 
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Benji's details


7 Years


4 Months

(DOB) 2015-06-01









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Ready to adopt Benji?

So you’ve read the details, you’ve fallen in love, and now you’d like to adopt? We don’t blame you…you’re only human after all!

The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption form. This will give us all the information we need to make a match and see if the dog that’s caught your eye is the right fit for you.

Are you ready?

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What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted your adoption form, we’re sure you’ll want to know more about what to expect next. We’ve crafted our street to sofa adoption process to make sure you’re kept informed at every step of the journey.

Take a look at our Adoption Process breakdown to learn more about what to expect at every stage.

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